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Waste Water Calculation

Waste Water Calculation software is designed to help engineers, architects, building consultants to design sewerage and storm water drainage parameters to be adopted in Hotels, Hospitals, Townships and other Commercial Projects. The software is designed and developed in such a way that Sewerage design and Storm water design calculation are done by simply preparing a list of blocks, line no, length of line and area to be fed in Excel and uploading it to the software.

The Online version of Waste Water Calculation Software, Online W2DCP is available at where anyone can get the Waste Water Calculations without installing it on their desktop computers.

Sewerage Design Calculation and Storm Water Design Calculations are tedious and time consuming. Engineers spend hours or even days using tables, books and calculator to calculate pipe sizes, slope, and invert levels. For manhole and extra depth calculations, they require another sizable amount of time. But, with the help of our software, all your sewerage and storm water design calculation results can be delivered in just few seconds.

Screens and Reports

application development application development application development
Main User Form Fix Pipe Gradient Sample Reports

Features that advocate a must buy

Accuracy : Uses standard formulae for Sewerage Design Calculation and Storm Water Design Calculation. Master data such as Pipe Outer dia, Inner dia, Manhole & Extra depth selection parameters etc. are editable, one can check and modify it. Various input checks have been incorporated to get correct inputs.

Efficiency : The software can get input from a EXCEL worksheet which saves lots of work-hours. Once the input sheet is prepared within a prescribed format, it can be uploaded in the software directly. Pipe Sizes are calculated and displayed ready for your selection in just seconds. You can pipe sizes and gradient (fall) according to your requirements. This feature makes the software a MUST BUY. User can work on multiple projects simultaneously and there is protection against data loss, you can find your previous works done on a particular project

East to Learn, Easy to Use : The software has an SDI based user interface which is easy to use. Again since software uses input from excel, the user has only to upload the EXCEL sheet for any sewerage and storm water design calculations.

Excellent Reporting : The software provides many well formatted reports listing calculations as well as input data. The reports include sewerage design calculation, storm water design calculation, manhole, extra depth and pipe length summary with sewerage and storm water calculation input sheet. The reports can be exported to PDF and Excel format documents. sample reports


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